Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Face lifts for paper goods

From drap to fab, transform your boring but cheap notebooks into distinct yet inexpensive style statements. Yes, folks, its that simple; take a journal, measure it. Choose a favourite magazine shot, measure out the journal size onto the picture, and cut it out. Try to cut straight. Use a paper suited glue (like blue-glue stick) to cover the entire front of the journal. Stick down the picture, however if the notebook has a specific spine that effects the bending/opening of the book, then avoid sticking the picture on top of the spine. Let dry. To add extra fenaz attach some brown tape over the spine for a smooth connection between picture and notebook. If its gonna be a frequently used, try covering it with plastic or contact.
Now your plain jane notebook is a glistening delight, clad with beautiful people that no one else has on a practical hand.

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