Sunday, November 20, 2011

Photo box

A new camera to the collection, the total count at 6. Its crazy, an obsession almost. And I probably don't even take that many photies. My latest obsession is a 35mm Auto Wind, 1:2.8 lens, with Auto Focus built in flash, Minolta AF-S. Its a little cutie, to which makes me feel profesh, despite the single button that needs to be pressed.  The pop-up flash, when needed, sends a thrill to my heart, and when it flashes to capture the 'moment', I get confused as to what brings me more happiness: the priceless memory in photo form, or the mechanics of my minolta friend. No doubt, however, a new flashing 35mm toy will be in my hands soon. I'm always sure to keep an eye out at slavos and vinnies. 

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