Friday, November 18, 2011

Oh please

Since when have brand new things been so cheap? I confess, I'm a second-hand-o-holic. This is not just because vintage 'hip' things are frequently uncovered in places such as Salvos and Vinnies, but it is because of the cheap cheap prices (although, it must be noted that Vinnies is increasing its prices, to resemble that of BigW!).

T-shirts at $7, Jeans at $10, Jumpers at $8, Shoes at $10. What more could a shopaholic want in life?

The woes of spending hard earned pennies in this recession era stricken us all, which is why website/store 6DollarShirts is the next best thing to hit the impoverished 'hipster' scene. As the name implies, 6DollarShirts sells brand new T-shirts for $6! And, they're actually kinda cool prints. Check them out for yourself. Maybe you'll buy one ($6) or maybe you'll buy ten (sale $50!!).

P.S. If anyone wants to combine shipping with me, comment below!

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