Saturday, March 3, 2012

Town glory

Starting from the top of King st, an afternoons pondering and wandering seems almost pointless without these Newtown highlights.

With a quiet coffee corner upstairs, this magazine megastore (though only your average 8x8m) is the best thing when youre feeling down and outta love. Whether its your Lula's, this beauty will send you home with bundles of glossy pages, lush models and enviable photographs at a reasonable price of <$25. If youre unsure of how to pick from the multitude of mags either chat with the casual hipster behind the counter (usually very friendly) who will journey with you to unearth your perfect magazine match, or grab a stack that catch your eye and head upstairs with a brew and waste hours until you decide which one is right for you. I assure you, you'll find it.
I want them all! - Mag Nation
2. C's Flash Back
Crossing busy King st (it may take a while) appears the dusty, but brightly coloured, C's Flash Back. Boasting a wide range of second hand pieces, from fancy dress to jeans, shoes and cossies, all at reasonable prices, C's Flash Back is a must for any guy or gal wanting some purely unique items. The shop assistant enjoys a good chat too.
The sign needs a clean - C's Flash Back
So many clothes! - C's Flashback
3. Guzman Y Gomez
Worked up an appetite? No wonder, you've just spent the best part of the morning rifling through some of Newtowns best (and well priced) produce. Time to stop for a big, burning, budget burrito. This chain fast food store beats its competitors with Guerreros and Chipotles to fire up your morning. Prepare your mouth for a spicy storm and hearty feed at >$15.
With chilli resonating on your palette, the silence and smell of worn books will soon quell the burn. Stock standard fiction and non fiction line the walls, along with the best from art, music.
Healthy and happy with a Burrito - Guzman Y Gomez
4. Elizabeth's Bookshop
Whether its your stock standard fiction or your fancy arts, history, science, or kids books, this bookstore has it all. And its so cheap. There is, however, no cataloguing system, so you're pretty much on your own when finding a specific book. Nevertheless, casual book browsing is at its optimum here. Time wasting guaranteed.
Grab a copy of The Virgin Suicides - Elizabeth's Bookshop
5. Newtown Bakery
You're probably craving something for your sweet tooth by now, maybe a custard tart or apple turnover? Grab one (or two if you're feeling indulgent) from the display shelf, as well as a freshly baked and warm loaf of bread. Much better than that supermarket crap and the perfect way to end your stroll, belly full and tastebuds satisfied.
The best Custard Tarts - Newtown Bakery
Next time you take a gander down King St, make sure you pop into these integral stores. As the Newtown leases come and go, and more shop fronts are empty, these staples need our support to remain open. And we need them to remain sane.

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