Thursday, October 20, 2011

I have to go to Vegas

The car was humming
Vibrating the water droplets
until they created a wet sheen
on top of the cobbled road

The 1976 motor guzzled oil
as the sun took a gander
at what possibilities could blossom
from today's position in the sky

Plastered onto the leather steering-wheel
my hands clenched as though expressing milk
Droplets of perspiration on my upper lip
surface, despite the early morning frost

My ruby nails contrast my dress
Yellow - with black and olive sunflowers
My straw hat itches against
the ringlet hair beneath - I can't let go to take it off

Mid morning, the sun - centred
Turning down the radio, car slows
to stop beneath a family of trees
that were struggling to breathe beneath lantana

Struggling with the handle - I got out
The air was warmer now, thick and choking
My lungs swell and I gasp for cooler air
which doesn't come. It remains balmy.

Cicadas are back - hiding amidst the grass
Their rubbing rings in my ear
producing a twitch in my eye; I appear epileptic
The lantana colours blur

The colours are brilliant

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