Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Forest ways

Remind me of when we used to sit together,
Murmuring beats of the earth beneath us,
in the absence of conversation

The bottlebrushes flit back and forth in the gusts
Shaking their red needles into our hair
and onto the yellowing grass around us

Pirouetting Pieris Rapae (cabbage butterflies) court each other
To lay their eggs on an unsuspecting leaf
Hatching marks doom day for the cabbage

Moist, Mossy, and mature
the thick fallen branch of a Paperbark
A resting post for forest friends and foe alike

Stumbling stones and jagged forest jewels
Catch us up -
Hands outstretched we reach out to ensure safety

But this time I fall
Your hand is but a reflection in the creek
which runs past the forest track

Face forward
Mother nature cushioning
with her soil, sand and stones

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