Saturday, July 9, 2011

Aloof with Malouf

Malouf, David.

Exert from Revolving Days

Like our First Paintbox

Like our first paintbox:colour
in graduated rows more various even than the rainbow,
encouraging the eye
and the small adventurous hand to try for others, cloud-
castles of a sky more Disney-gaudy
than the azure overhead, as if mineral
dust and breath could reach alchemical midday
on a planet further off
than the one they taste and smell of. Bruise
violet and viridjavascript:void(0)ian a threat
of storms I could cinduct with an index finger wet
from the cup, catching a hint of what God
felt, trying for this, then that; learning to see the earth
as it is from failed experiments - and even those we give
our hearts to and can't forget.
When sleep has unsealed
our eyes, we walk in the pink woods of that other world our hands
imagine - lost, like all
angels, in the flesh. Mauve grass, red weather,
the fruit gift-wrapped in its blue peel, O so edible!

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