Tuesday, November 16, 2010

newtown neighbourhood festival

hot. crowded. loud. fantastic.

the four words that would holistically sum up last Sunday's' Newtown Neighbourhood Festival.
with temperatures that reached into the 30s, the proximity of bodies and music made it feel nine times hotter and eleven times better. i dont really even remember much of what was seen, maybe because i was constantly stuck in crowds or the heat got to my head, but id like to naively believe it was because everything there was adrenalin pumping and provided a taste for what social life will be like after school.

there was some great bands, the music was so loud.
there was some great food, the cuisines were so various.
there was some great stalls, the products were admirable.
there was some great people, the culture was explicit.

it was truly a great day, ended by a melting mango gelato and remembered by a 2-3 week henna tattoo.
plus the great times aided with donations to the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre, with '100% of the money goes back to the NNC to contribute to essential community services and programs'

so now i cannot wait till next years festival. a big halloa to all who attended. you know it was great! cheers

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