Sunday, October 24, 2010

it took a while, and perhaps the stay was not long enough, but i eventually grew accustomed to the tram system, in particular, not cheerfully thanking the driver to whom i was not allowed to speak with.
Welcomed by dismal melbourne weather (not unexpected though)i was thrown straight into the action/culture/buzz/hustle of the city. snapshooting anything and everything that came my way, including pigeons and feet alike, i regret to say, i became one of those annoying camera tourists (that i always had otherwise detested)
To my good fortune, that day, a Handmade Craft Market for up-and-coming hip designers was scheduled for the Melbourne State Library. i had to visit. and i did. Battling the weather, which by this stage has proceeded to a steady drizzling state, i entered the small conference room to see a selection of cute and eclectic table laden with nervous designers showcasing their handmade goodies. Though pricey, like they always are, i managed to collect an hand-croqueted hair clip. adorable accessory.
next was Chinatown in lil Bourke st, where, at one of those self-service bakery, lunch was purchased. the choices were of a magnitude i had only every dreamed of (yes, i frequently dream of baked goods). Narrowing my tastebuds, i honed in on a Naan Bread don with caramelised onions and a Custard Apple Scroll. Delectable.
back on a tram, and into FITZROY. wow, it was like Surry Hills and Newtown had mated, producing this talented and gifted suburb that had received the of both. After spending 5 hours their, i was now quipped with a pink vintage dress, two Hungry Kids of Hungary albums, a secondhand copy of Hound of the Baskervilles and a compliment from a cheery hip shop assistant in a leather skirt. it was the best afternoon. the sun even peeped out to support my joyous mood.
dinner down at one of the various yarra river restaurants was delish. a pizza the size of two plates to satisfy a long day was definitely needed.
a short midnight sleep till morn, and i was back on the go.
i love baked goods. you may have noticed by now, but hey ,they froth. breakfast was no exception to baked goods, and after spying a Aussie French Bakery from the tram journey home the night before, we had to go. and we did. Located in St Kilda, i knew it was going to be great. it was a popular joint, plaid with many many many different types of delicious delectables, it took a while to decide on the best and yummiest choice, whilst still factoring in the health thing. i settled on a strawberry yogurt and a giant choc-walnut cookie.
strolling down the esplanade, the strip of local markets provided a scenic walk down to the tram station place thingy.
to Queen Victoria Markets, where i scored a cheap vintage replica Casio digital watch for 15 dollars. i wish i could have explored further there, but my skybus to the airport was leaving at one, so time would not permit :(

the trip was short but great, giving me the burst of culture that i had yearned for over the past weeks. i now know where i can escape. and i will return. ive already started planning.

stay posted for a series of photos!

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