Wednesday, October 20, 2010

all fried up

You will need:
1 Doughnut (or more, depending on hunger)
1 Toast/Grill
1 Sweet Spread (choose from a variety of jams, creams or sugar indulgent others)

1. Cut doughnut in half (the half way that gives you two circle holes)
2. Place both halves in toaster/under grill
3. Watch as sugar caramelizes
4. Remove from heat when golden toasty brown
5. Adorn with fav spread or spice (or both, or ice cream)
6. Stuff face with doughnut(s)
ok, so not really, but definitely topping some imaginary food chart that no one really cares about. doughnuts. but not just any old store bought shriveled up greasy doughnut, its a...

wowee, just thinking bout this delectable deliciously devil-like doughnut development is tantalising.

enjoy the fat doughnut people. i did, with a tea. its great!

1 comment:

  1. morgan thats something called bagels and they are quite nice