Monday, October 11, 2010

all bound up

with the begins of a new term, and really, my final year of schooling, i thought a little splurge in the stationery department was a must. previously attempting the whole 'lets have a huuuuge folder that we have to lug around that gets ruined in 2 weeks', coming up with a strategy to overcome this problem in a practical and affordable way was a necessity. when someone mentioned such a thing as a 'book belt', i was intrigued. was their such a thing? i was yet to come across such a delight in any trinket shops, and was at the point of investing in several vinnies leather belts and constructing a makeshift one of my own :(
until sunday, that is.
who would have guessed that wandering down the local 'shire' cronulla into the only decent shop would produce such a book belt that i desired? yes.
it was unique, colourful, yet conservative. and reasonably priced! lets hope it will last the distance of year 12.


  1. where did you find it?
    very cute :)

  2. berkelouw books, amoungst their various book-related bric-a-brac. its great!