Monday, August 2, 2010

out and around

top left: bought some compact discs from fish records newtown. ive been meaning to get these two for a while, but have been lacking substantial funds. the XX and the con (tegan and sara)

top right: t-t-t-telephone. its a telephone money box! yes, slightly corny and tacky and somewhat purposeless in this card day and age, but nonetheless, for a mere $2.0 it was mine~ p.s its not actually a working telephone!

bottom left: this cat. this beautifully ugly cat. wandering aimlessly around the sunlight backstreets of rozelle, there he/she was. picture this. this cat had no fur on its back. naturally, fur was apparent on its head, footsies, and tail, making it resemble an inbred lion sheep. also the fact that its tongue was permanently positioned on the outside of its mouth, was hilarious. tres deck. no wonder he/she ran away as i proceeded to chase it.

bottom right
: lil' yellow car. even within our, to our belief, reasonably small car, this car was TINY! i expected some creep car enthusiast to be driving, but alas, as we passed (with ease!) i was so so pleased to see a tres old man squinting in the front seat/bench seat. love!

31/7 - 1/8

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