Monday, July 26, 2010

som"eHOW" truthful?

the discovery of this seemingly comical take on "hipster" life seems ironic to this blog. merci eHow!

"How to Be a Hipster, A Real Hipster
By dougfcook, eHow Member
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There are alot of articles explaining how to be a hipster but only ONE that gives you all the real detaisl
Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
Instructions, Things You'll Need:
Used Road Bike
Tighter Jeans
Ironic Accessories
Glasses or some type of facial hair(preferably both)
and so much more.....
Step 1 Start listening to new music. Being a hipster is all about being a step ahead of every trend, and often creating trends all your own. Find bands from the 70's that people forgot about, garage bands from the 50's, independent recordings of semi-famous artists. Don't listen to top 40 music, none of it, except maybe some hip-hop. Start slowly converting your whole music collection to vinyl and only use an iPod if you have oversized headphones.
Make sure you have no connection to these bands: Dave Matthews, Nickelback, Puddle of Mud, country music of any kind, and of course Dashboard Confessional.

Step 2 Get the clothes right, or maybe even better...horribly wrong. Hipsters are an odd breed when it comes to fashion. Some will sport over-sized and mangled jackets and cut off jeans while others will wear thin fitting trousers and prim cardigans. Find a fashion style that expresses who you are.
If you're a sophisticate go for deep v-neck sweaters and button ups with thin-line jeans and trousers. Try a scarf, suspenders, a handkerchief, and a leather bag on as accessories.
If you're more of a free spirit cut your jeans into cut offs, buy some v-neck t-shirts and some really ironic t-shirts from the thrift store. Find some great patches to sew onto things. Make all your clothes a vibrant expression of your freedom from convention.
If you're more eccentric just find the weirdest things you can. Plaid pants, pink sweaters, lime green over stuffed winter coats, and maybe some Nike high tops. Grow a mustache and wear the biggest glasses you can find.

Step 3 Get a bicycle. Hipsters are urbanites and don't rely on cars to get them around. Pick a bike that suits your personality and agility. Old cruisers, beat up road bikes, and fixed gears are the bikes of choice for the hipster. Ease of use and style are the M.O. when choosing a bike. Pick colors that make your bike stand out among the crowd. Never buy a new bike! Hipsters don't often buy new things, as a value and a fashion statement they prefer to buy used and recycled things. It also saves money.

Step 4 A bag. Every hipster needs a bag. A canvas messenger bag from an independent bag company is always a good choice. Old leather bags, military bags, briefcases, and vintage overnight bags are also favorites. Avoid all name brands unless you can find something vintage.

Step 5 Hobbies. Find an arts and crafts skill to take up. Sewing, crochet, embroidery, wood working, and bike building are all good ones. Alot of hipsters will make their own totally new items though, like lofts made of barn wood or lamps made from antique porcelain owls.

Step 6 Drinks. Alot of hipsters will drink Pabst Blue Ribbon when they are out at the bar with friends but that doesn't mean that's all they drink. Many hipsters will keep craft beers and good liquor at home. Drinking cheap while you're out is a great way to save money so that you can keep nice drinks in the house for gatherings of friends.

Step 7 Don't take this seriously. Being a hipster can be alot of different things. Just go out there and make the most of it. Be creative, find unique things, take care of your friends, ride your bike, and have a decent drink now and then.

Tips & Warnings
Don't be pretentious!"


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