Monday, July 12, 2010

second walk

after a hard days work, i decided to walk to SECOND CHANCE in GYMEA. upon entry i knew it was the right choice. the double doors welcomed my desire for a vintage bargin, the dOhla rack stood bright on the left. raftling through them, i discovered many a glorious garment that would fit right in my over-crowed wardrobe. with an armful of mis-matching clothes, i walked further in, hearing the high-pitched rambling of the warm old ladies behind the counter. eavesdropping on their conversations of the weeks activities (bellydancing monday, lunch on tuesday, ballroom wednesday...and so on), i spun around the shop, collecting odds and ends of black silk, cotton checker, and navy velvet. the pension shopping nannies singing along to the cheerful AM music inspired my piles' height, as it grew and grew. rounding my journey of the 8m by 5m shop, i finished at the counter, where the conversation was at its peak. stuttering sheryl* served in a red sweater, proclaiming the amount to be $7.5. B-bargins.
finshed off the afternoon by a rambling walk to the bakehouse, for a $1.8 roll. 6/10

swell trip/.

*name invented. i would like to imagine this was her name. it would suit her well.

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